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Intro of Faisal Thakur

Studied at Welingkar Institute of Management and at present is an avid biker and custom bicycle designer. He has been around almost every corner of Mumbai, near and far, on his bicycle. From his experience he suggests some of the best cycling spots in the city which have been around but may not have caught your attention.

Technical side he has spent hundreds of work hours in finding solutions to the most common issues to the toughest ones related to bicycles. Building concepts, trikes, quads and electric bikes right from scratch is something he finds a favorite pass time. His knowledge and Expertise has won him the respect of many in the cycling community and bicycle manufacturers.

Faisal Thakur

Pro9 Bicycle Studio – The hub

‘Pro9 Bicycle Studio’ is a hub for fitness enthusiasts, both amateur and professional. Whereas bicycling is its mainstay, it also offers a host of products and services catering to cycling, running and other fitness regimens. Pro9 is much more than just a store. It is all about developing and fostering communities of like minded enthusiasts. It isn’t uncommon to find members just drop by to bond and network. Not only that, they actively provide input, share experiences and advise to each other and to new comers as well. The atmosphere and vibe is relaxed, welcoming and inclusive. It isn’t uncommon to hear comments and see expressions that say, “This is not just any other cycle shop, there is a solution to every need and expectations are not only met, but exceeded”. The community boasts of members from several disciplines, engineers, lawyers, doctors, senior corporate executives, et all.

‘Pro9 bicycle studio™’ is a place to chill out for cyclist, runners and walkers. Don’t be amazed to find customers walking in and helping you out to make a choice between two accessories or calling for chai and some hot bajyas. These are the most regular guys at the store who say that this is not just a cycle shop… it’s a hub where we meet and discuss on issues related to cycling. There are engineers and students who come for consultation for personal or college projects and they always go back with a solution to their problem.

Pro9 Studio @Bandra